Whole Life Term Plan – Leaving legacy for Next Generation

Protect Life : Whole Life Term Plan – Leaving legacy for Next Generation

 Whole Life Term Plan…Term Plan till 99 yrs of Age

Term Plan with Guaranteed Returns of 7% – 16% (Tax Free)

Guaranteed Sum Assured (Maturity) to Nominee….1 Crore

LifE is full of “IF’s“.  Presenting a complete protection plan built to safe guard you and your loved ones from various uncertainties in life. Wait no longer…gift your Family the perfect shield against the “IF’s of LIFE”.

Best Advantages of Whole Life Term Plan is to Protect your Life and simultaneously PASSING LEGACY / WEALTH to your Loved Ones.

What if you get Life Insurance Coverage upto 99 years meaning, Nominee will benefit earning Tax Free Returns in the Range of 7%pa – 16%pa… ….Lets’ see HOW ?

Whole Life Term Plans are complete life insurance packages that provide flexibility in choosing sum assured, tenure etc. while providing survival and/or maturity benefits. Ideal with the following objectives :

  • You can be confident that your Next Generations are left with good inheritance (Liquid Assets) when you pass away.
  • Guaranteed Maturity …better than Return of Premium Plans

Depending on Age at Claim the Benefits can range from 7% to 16%….

Whole Life Term Plan : Bajaj Allianz Smart Protect Plan
Sum Insured: 1 Crore Age : 45 yrs Age : 50 yrs
PPT 30 yrs 25 yrs
PT (Till 99 years of Age) 54 yrs 49 yrs
Premium 52,243 79,313
Total Premium Paid 1,567,290 1,982,825
Claim of 1 Cr @ 70 Yrs Age 14.35% 16.80%
Claim of 1 Cr @ 75 Yrs Age 10.82% 11.68%
Claim of 1 Cr @ 80 Yrs Age 8.60% 8.82%
Claim of 1 Cr @ 85 Yrs Age 7.10% 7.05%
PPT : Premium Paying Term  PT : Policy Term


Whole Life Term Plan is Better than Regular Term Plan…

Regular Term Plam Whole Life Plan
Provides Death Benefit Only Provides death benefits as well as cash value accumulations that build during the life of the Policy
Purchased for in “TERMS” of either 5, 10, 15 or 30 years Insurance Coverage is till Age of 99 years
Pays benefits only if Term of the Policy is in effect Definite Maturity of Sum Assured
Becomes more expensive at higher age say 45 / 50 years Even at Higher Ages, the Returns calculates between 8% to 18%


  • In WHOLE LIFE TERM PLAN, the Insurance Coverage is till AGE of 99 years…You are surely leaving legacy (Wealth) for your kids / loved ones…
  • Whole Life Term Plan reduces pressure for creating savings for loved ones, once you are GONE…
  • Under Whole Life Term Plan one can choose to pay Premium for Limited Period (say 15/20/25/30… years) and continue Life Insurance till age of 99 years…
  • One of the best ways to secure (Financially) Future of differently abled people in Family, once you are gone…




Please feel free to contact for customised TERM PLAN for your needs.


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